The Beaufort Scale
The Beaufort Scale is regularly used in weather forecasts, something of interest to all outdoor modellers.

Here is the standard table describing the wind speed and effects of the various levels of the scale.

Force Description


Wind speed
mph Knots
0 Calm Smoke rises vertically 0-1 <1
1 Light air Wind direction indicated by smoke but not wind vanes 1-3 1-3
2 Light breeze Wind noticeable, leaves move, wind vane moves. 4-7 4-6
3 Gentle breeze Leaves and small twigs in constant motion. 8-11 7-10
4 Moderate breeze Wind raises dust and loose paper. Small branches are moved. 12-18 11-16
5 Fresh breeze Small trees in leaf start to sway. Crested wavelets form on inland waters. 19-24 17-21
6 Strong breeze Large branches in motion, wind whistles. Umbrellas used with difficulty. 25-31 22-27
7 Near gale. Trees in motion, awkward to walk against wind. 32-38 28-33
8 Gale Twigs break, hard to walk. 39-46 34-40
9 Strong gale Some structural damage may occur, slates removed etc. 47-54 41-47
10 Storm Trees uprooted, considerable structural damage. 55-63 48-55
11 Violent storm Widespread damage. 64-72 56-63
12 Hurricane Widespread damage. 72+ >63


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