Historical Development of the club

The ALPORT MODEL FLYING CLUB came into existence in 1981 as a result of a small group of members of the Heanor and District Model Flying Club, under the leadership of the late KEN GREEN, seeking and obtaining a flying site at the Belper Amateurs Cricket Ground, Alderwasley. As it had a surface suitable for the development of precision take-off and landing skills.

This group, becoming the founder members of the ALPORT MODEL FLYING CLUB, resolved that their new club should consist of a number of individuals who had achieved an appropriate standard of flying. Appropriate to be determined by the committee members of the group and in no way influenced by criteria external to the group. The character and attitudes of prospective members should be compatible with those of members already part of the club, making the meetings a social gathering that would find enjoyment in their companionship and that this should be an important aspect of the club's continuing membership and activity.

The club has a 'fly for fun' policy which is strictly non-competitive, each member seeking to develop skills in a manner determined by that member, subject to the overriding concern for safety and the retention of the site. It does however actively encourage its members to make use of the BMFA PAS (power achievement scheme), as a vehicle for such flying skill development.\par A system of government and a list of rules have been devised that seek to ensure that the club continues to enjoy the social opportunities and the facilities of the site.

The ALPORT MODEL FLYING CLUB has been affiliated to

The British Model Flying Association since 1985 & is club No 676

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