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How about this idea to keep the dust down, a sanding box.

It is quite simply a box made of hardboard & strip wood, the top being perforated with hundreds of holes. A pipe is fastened into one corner for the attachment  of a vacuum cleaner.         In use the vacuum cleaner is turned on & the job to be sanded placed on the box, any dust created is then just sucked away through the holes.

Dave P

Do you have problems screwing those little threaded rods into the end of snakes when making up your control linkages ?



Not any more, this neat idea from Dave Harrison will solve your problem.  Just put the threaded rod in the chuck of your cordless drill, hold the snake inner tightly & use the drill to screw the threaded rod in.   neat eh?

Dave Harrison

A handy tip.

 When covering a model with film, after peeling the backing off the film, use the backing film as a duster to lift off any tiny pieces of dust that might have settled on the bits to be covered.

( when peeled off, the backing film gets charged with static electricity that attracts dust )

Dave P

Shave Can Caps

If, like me, you use canned shave cream, keep the caps from the used cans.

These plastic caps make great containers for mixing resins- be it epoxy, polyester, JB Weld, or whatever. Several ounces can be mixed in the caps, enough to join wings or other fibreglass projects. Or, turn it over and use the flat "top" to mix up just a bit of epoxy for a small job. Generally, the excess leftovers can be popped right off the cap when cured. I use a piece of scrap balsa, cut to an appropriate point, to mix and apply resin, or a throw away brush for `glass' work.

Just leave the balsa or brush in the leftovers and use that as a "handle" to pop the cured resin out of or off the cap when cured. Each cap can be used several times this way.                Dave P

DIY model stand


How's this for a cheep DIY model stand, made from a cardboard box,  Excellent idea from Peter Turner.

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