The Under-used Control

What's that stick on the right that clicks a bit, for? (It's on the left for some of you!) It's called a throttle and, If you've shelled out your hard-earned money for a 4-function rig, why only use three of them?

How many times have we witnessed models screaming about at full throttle, too low, too far away and too fast? Too often unfortunately, with the inevitable results. It's surprising how slowly a reasonably lightly loaded model will fly, and it looks and sounds so much better too! It also gives you a bit more thinking time. So why don't we give ourselves that extra bit of time, and SLOW DOWN!

It's not just beginners who need to take note, a thoughtfully used throttle makes any model perform and look like a real aircraft and it really is a most satisfying feeling when you get it right. Remember: - Take off, climb to operating height while maintaining heading, THROTTLE BACK to cruise and then make your first turn.

While we're on the subject of take-offs, one of the main    things to watch out for is keeping the model into wind. (That's what your left thumb's for!) If you let it veer during the take-off run, the wind can get under one wing and, before you know it, you are at right angles to your intended path, heading for the trees or the pits. Whacking full up-elevator in at this time leads to all sorts of horrendous outcomes! Being airborne in a 90 bank at zero feet altitude is not to be recommended!

If your model starts to swing, and you can't catch it with rudder, abort the take-off by shutting our old friend the throttle! With your model still intact, you can have another go!

May all your landings (and take-offs!) be intentional!

Dave P

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